Want and Need

Want it, got to have it!

That young hot wife to drive off with, in that shiny red sports car. Hair flying in the speed wind.

That brand new phone, backside covered in camera lenses. Join the click party of the happy fit people.

That endless holiday, far stretched tropical white sand beach. Beer served by minimalistic dressed waitresses.

That top management job, private jet to close those big deals. Bank account flooding over by the minute.

That stare from the nightclub queue, sweeping passed. Arms wrapped around curves.

Need, not much.

To live, love and be loved, a family to hug.

Friends, beer, a laugh. Music and a bite to eat.

Don’t cross the stream to get water, ha de Gött!


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  1. marvellous: you’ve done it again with this clever little poem, and its sneaky little motto 🙂

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  2. Need not much. That’s us. Well written, Ulle.

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