Merry Julblot

Christmas is upon us with all its traditions. Even if we think it’s the same every year there is change. Maybe not so fast but it’s there. In English it’s called Christmas referring to the celebration of the birth of Gods son. Makes sense but I wonder if Christmas has been taken hostage by the commercial forces and if that is not the new religion. It is not the first time a new religion builds on, and take over old traditions.

Thousand years ago the pagan Viking’s celebrated Yule blot to honor Odin, the All Father. There is som debate among the historians if this twelve day festival was celebrated at the same time as Christmas or in mid January. It is also referred to as ‘midwinter blot’. Some say that it was first celebrated in mid January and moved in the mid 900 by King Håkon I of Norway to fit the Christian celebration. This was done as an effort to convert the Vikings to Christianity by the already converted Håkon.

In Swedish we say ‘Jul’ for Christmas and in old Norse language it was the name for Odin. Odin being the most important God in Nordic mythology. The word ‘blot’ means sacrificing to the Gods. The ceremonies and ritual killings of animals was a blood dripping event. Drinking of fresh raw blood and splashing over the crowd must have been quite a scene. Luckily it was all washed down with lots and lots of mead.

Be traditional, create new traditions, ha de Gött!


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  1. Now we sacrifice our wallets on the altar of consumerism. …. but a very interesting post. Thanks. I hadn’t heard about Yule Blot before.

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  2. what a marvellous, colorful story 🙂

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  3. Thanks Ulle. I shall raise a glass to you and the other WPers on Saturday but it won’t be warm blood, fresh or otherwise.😂

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