Greby Grave Field

Outside the small town Grebbestad lays the Greby grave field. Even if it’s unique for this area there is not much known. There are around 200 graves that dates back to Iron age, year 200 – 600. Many of the burial mounds have large stones at the top. Very few excavations has been done but in 1873 historian Oscar Montelius examined ten of the burial mounds.

He found in almost all graves an urn with burned bones often with some small objects like a bone comb or glas beads. Ceramic vessels with an ear and a glass bead molded in the bottom. This type of pottery has been found in England and Germany. This suggest that this burial site was connected to a trading place.

There is an interesting legend that was told to one of the disciples of Carl von Linné, Pehr Kalm who visited in 1742. According to this fishermen from Scotland visited the area during the herring periods. Legend has that a Scottish army invaded and raided all the way to Bullaren 25 kilometres inland. A local army defeated them in two battles where the final one stod at Greby. None of the Scotts made it home and their remains was buried here. There is however no evidence found for this.

Come in peace, get home in one piece, ha de Gött!


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  1. So, even in those days we had fishing wars. Interesting.

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  2. great story — and that wonderful motto you sneaked in 🙂 the site looks like a scrappy Stonehenge

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