The village Grebbestad with 2000 year-around residents, was first mentioned in the beginning of 1600. Like many of the small villages in Bohuslän the development is linked to the herring- and granite mining periods. Today it is a seaside resort with an exploding population during the summer holiday season. Exploding in number of residents, otherwise it would be quite noisy during summers if the population actually blew-up.

Already in 1844 it became an official seaside resort with both cold and hot bathhouse. The mud bath was considered very healthy. The sheltered harbor was also good for trade and shipping. In 1858 there were 7 cargo ships registered in Grebbestad.

A cannery was established in 1870 and even if the cannery is closed since many years the brand name is still used. In the building a micro brewery today makes a very good beer. The first motorized buss line in Sweden was established in 1911, between Grebbestad and the railway station 5 kilometers away.

Don’t get stuck in the mud, come clean, ha de Gött!


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  1. Interesting, Ulle. Berck-sur-mer on the North-West coast of France has a herring festival every year.

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