Invisible vibrations through the air, like telepathy. Waves of communication. Satellites circling the planet like wasps. Information and big data, internet of things, radio ga-ga, television. Smarter and dumber than ever in history, never lonelier.

The huge satellite dishes in the picture has a diameter of 32 and 30 meters. Tanum Teleport was built in 1971 for telephony and data transfer with the help of satellites as relay stations. The first videophone call over the Atlantic Ocean was made on the inauguration day 18 December 1971. A hightech landmark to manifest Sweden’s ambition to be a Information Technology nation to reckon with. Still stand as a landmark today but the facility, at peak employing 30 persons, was closed 2002. The facility played a part as the predecessor to Internet, Arpanet, in 1973 establishes its first international satellite link. Transfer rate of whopping 2,4 kbps.

We have two ears but only one mouth. Should we not listen twice as much as we speak! Ha de Gött!


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  1. Not far from Canberra is Honeysuckle Creek – a radio telescope which played a part in data transmissions in the 1969 moon landing. Unfortunately the dishes got burned in a bushfire (maybe 2003?) but the Parkes dish (made famous in the movie The Dish) and the nearby Tidbinbilla Tracking Station are still kicking along. I love your observation at the end. Spot on.

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  2. haha; love that suggestion 🙂

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