Little Docklands

Göteborg has a nickname, Little London. This stems from the era with large shipyards and industrialization during the 1800. The trade over the North Sea has always been intense and many British businessmen and craftsmen saw opportunities in Göteborg. English was as common as Swedish in the streets. Chalmers University of Technology is one of the institutions founded by a British businessman.

The picture is taken at Lindholmen where Chalmers has one of its campus. The water in the picture is the dry dock (not so dry now) from the shipyard. Like Docklands in London the area is transformed to a modern business area with skyscrapers, hotels and smart dressed business people. Chalmers Campus creates a hightech hub and you will find many well known international companies here. Just note the white autonomous drive cars parked to left in the picture.

The tower being built in the background is the Karla Tower. When it’s ready in 2024 it will be 245 meters high, highest building in Sweden. The building tempo adds one floor per week.

Try to rise above, ha de Gött!


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  1. all these buildings doing a Douglas Bader: reach for the sky 🙂

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