Pilots lookout

On the highest point of the island Hällsö, 42 meters over the sea sits the small pilot hut. In this hut the pilots could sit in a warm place shielded from the weather scouting for ships in need of assistance. The station served pilots that guided ships through the dangerous waters outside Tjurpannan. The pilot station was operational until 1960. Hällsö is situated outside Havstenssund, separated by the 40 meter narrow strait, ‘Sunnegapet’.

We all need help to navigate sometimes, ha de Gött!


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  1. Just last night I listened to an interview with the last remaining lighthouse keeper in the United States (and about to lose her job to automation). It’s sad that these jobs go… and yet, at the same time I think of the dangers people faced. Why do I think people should risk their lives to man a light house? Perhaps it’s a misplaced sense of romance. Or something about the bravery of people who stand up to the elements. I really don’t know.

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