Ulseröd Windmill

The windmill of Ulseröd, just outside Havstenssund, was built in 1900 and was in operation until 1939. During this period new technology made it possible for the farmers to mill their grain in small electrical mills. This together with the urbanization made the windmills obsolete.

The windmill of Ulseröd was saved from decay by Tanum Local Folklore Society and Havstenssund Community Association. A major renovation took place in 2013 to 2016. The windmill wings were rebuilt, the facade wood replaced and painted red, windows replaced. Find out more here (in Swedish). In my opinion, by volunteer heroes saving this piece of history for the future.

The windmill type is a smock mill, also called Dutch type. The top, or the smock cap, can be turned by the windmill operator to capture optimum wind. It’s an old well tested design that already Leonardo da Vinci made a sketch for. Special feature of Ulseröd windmill is the two parallel milling stations. Check out the fictional story I wrote a year ago about the windmill here. Stay tuned for interior pictures.

Against the wind is power, ha de Gött!


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  1. A wonderful windmill and my compliments for the pictures you made Ulle.

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  2. I love those old windmills. It’s a fine piece of writing, Ulle. I enjoyed it and learnt from it.

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  3. Bravo! Volunteers save a lot here too!

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  4. Interesting. I visited one once. They are such wonderful old buildings.

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