Skerry got a name

A few days ago I wrote about this skerry without a name. Can’t have that my Mother-in-law said. After some digging in the local history books she found a name reference in connection with a rather sad story. The name is Hällbergsskäret. The name comes from a poor family with the name Hällberg that lived in a small cottage on the beach close to the spot where I took the picture.

In 1895 two orphans, a brother 18 years old and a younger sister 13 years old embarked on a voyage in a small row boat from Kalvö to Lammö. With only a 100 meters left to row go the boat sunk and the two youngsters drowned. The reason why the boat sunk is not mentioned. The distance between the two islands is just a little more than one kilometer.

Even the smallest places has a history, ha de Gött!


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  1. A sad story of those twoo boys, zo close to their destination…

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  2. How very sad. I preferred it when it was the skerry with no name. 😢

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  3. So sad. It’s nice that they have been remembered in the name of the island.


  4. sad — but I love your comment: even the smallest places have a history —

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