I must be an optimist. Left early from work, thinking I could get some cool storm pictures before dark. The hope was that there would be an opening with rays of light in the thick clouds before sunset.

Normally there is a 25 minutes drive home, but today! All slow traffic possible was out on the roads. Swedish is a language rich of curses and swear words so after 45 minutes I think I had them all covered. Finally got home, changed clothes and grabbed my camera. Got in the car for the normally, five minutes drive to the nature preserve. Guess what! Slow traffic had all decided this was the road to drive down. They even stopped in the middle of the road for a nice chat with the oncoming slow traffic. I know some swear words in Finnish and Norwegian, so I used them also.

Now there was only a ten minutes walk to the roaring sea. Nope! After a week of rain the paths were flooded and muddy. The smooth rocks was like soaped bathtubs. Light was now fading fast as the, wished for, opening in the clouds turned into a closing. I managed to get one, yes one, decent shot and then it was lights out. Still I managed to get back to the car, without falling into the mud or break any bones slipping around on the soapy rocks.

Exercise is good for you, ha de Gött!


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  1. I love this post, Ulle, the photo, the story behind it and the image of you cussing in all those languages 🙂

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