The tree

The forester planted a seed and it sprung from the ground. He was pleased and nurtured the plant. Watched as it grew, shooting branches with foliage so green. He was widely praised for this beautiful tree and its fast growth. Pleased he sat down to closely watch over his tree.

Slowly the colours changed. Deep healthy green faded in to yellow and red. The forester franticly ran with buckets of water and fertilizer to bring back the green. Branches started to come off so he started to trim them to save what was healthy. All he could hear was dissatisfied grunts.

Slowly the tree withered and died. With heavy heart and tears in his eyes he walked away. Fingers pointing in discontent. On top of the hill he turned around to see. To see what was left of his tree. The dense forest around blocked his view. Blocking the sun rays.

Stay focused but don’t forget to look up, ha de Gött!

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