Evening sky

Yesterday presented a fantastic evening sky and this completely still pond. Times like this you wish that you brought the camera. Luckily I did! I managed to get a few good shots before the wind picked up and changed the scene. One of the important things to know as a photographer is how to balance the frame with the rule of thirds. I do think it also can be this.

  1. Skill – see the scene and know your gear
  2. Patience – wait for the light, wind and people out of the way
  3. Luck – be there at the right moment and hope you’re not frozen stiff

To quote the Swedish King when he met the Queen, “it just clicked”. Ha de Gött!

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  1. it’s a gorgeous photo, Ulle: it certainly clicked ; it’s like me: I was driving when that song came on, I wouldn’t have heard it and had that trippy day 🙂

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