Fear not

He could feel something beside him. Just that notion of movement that for a split second sent a chill down his spine. Instinctively he turned to see. With a gasp and a stumbling step back he realised he was staring onto his worst fear. The chill from his spine spread like a spiders web over his back. His heart skipped a few beats before it starting to pump harder. The tongue went dry and started to swell as his mouth opened so wide that the chin almost hit the floor. A long drop as he was a tall person.

Staring back at him with open mouth was and old man. Bald with bushy eyebrows and thick hair coming out of the nostrils and ears. Wrinkles like canyons covered the pale reddish skin. A bit of contradiction he found himself to think. He froze staring at the scary image of a crocked back trying to lean back. The chill had turned into a dripping sweat when he heard his wife’s voice in a hazy distance. Forcing himself to snap out of the shock he managed to squeeze out a “huh”.

Now he could clearly hear his wife telling him in a loud voice to stop prance about in front of the mirror!

Age with grace, ha de Gött!

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  1. hahahha; I wondered where this one was going; hilarious, Ulle: a well paced little tale 🙂

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