The Support

A feeling of despair creeps up 

all was done according to standard procedure 

don’t give up yet, start over and over until 

you make that dreaded call 

after eons of signals a barely audible voice 

guttural murmur at the other end and a long sigh followed by 

What can I help you with? 

frustrated sizzling between teeth explain, repeat, explain, repeat 

then the question, THE QUESTION! 

drops a red blanket like a matador in front of your dimmed eyes 

Did you reboot? 

mustering all strength to be polite state in a forced exhale 

Ten times, ten **** times 

another long sigh and a bored murmur

Hang on I’ll consult a colleague 

another eon of your non existing time passes while contemplating

what should go out the window, you or that useless piece of equipment 

the murmuring voice on the phone finally comes back 

You did say you did reboot, right? 

a rushing sound in your head that portends

that a fuse is about to blow you hear 

Sorry, can’t help you but we’ll send a tech…… Next week 

drained of all energy, defeated, beaten, out for the count 

as you leave in tears you hear behind you 

the machine miraculously coming alive 

you go back only to see your, pale and hollowed eyed long lost colleagues 

emerging like zombies from the dark corners of the room 

gather around with grin like hyenas moaning

My printouts, my precious printouts

Inspired by my sons encounter with the printer room. Ha de Gött!

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  1. love this, Ulle; you describe your frustrations well; co clever —

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  2. Must be very frustrating indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

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