Easter bonfire

One week late, the Easter bonfire. This tradition dates back the mid 1700 in Sweden and Finland. The are lit to welcome the spring. Mostly to scare of the Easter witch flying on their broom to the island Blåkulla to feast with the devil.

Easter is the day when Swedish children traditionally go trick or treat dressed up as Easter witch or Easter man. Sadly this tradition has lately faded out and been taken over by the imported Halloween tradition.

Fly safe, ha de Gött!

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  1. Wonderful. My wife is from northern Germany and Easter fires are a tradition there as well. When we moved we brought them to Canada… a tradition our grandchildren are now enjoying.

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  2. We used to light bonfires in Oz on Guy Fawkes night every November 5th throughout my childhood and adolescence but due to constant injuries from firecrackers to children and dogs it was banned in the late seventies. My children sadly never experienced the colour and the noise, the cameraderie

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