Evening flight

Flying off into the sunset. Commuting business woman in front is already asleep and misses the safety brief. Scared first time flyer behind with sweaty forehead and white knuckles. Smiling stewards and stewardesses slamming their aluminium cupboards. The infant in the back row screams from top of his lungs, sensing his mothers unrest. A last check, all seatbelts fasten, chair in upright position and no blinds down.

Out on to the runway and with a muffled command to cabin crew the pilot gives full throttle. We fly off, off into the setting sun and you find yourself wondering why there life jackets under your seat and not parachutes.

Relax, you always come down. Ha de Gött!

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  1. Great Observation! Especially when flying over land. Sounds like you and I have been on similar flights!

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  2. I can picture myself in a flight such as the one you described.

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  3. have a good flight, Ulle; love that caption 🙂

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