The Blacksmith

It was a bright sunny day, warm with a cool breeze from the sea. With a pleased smile he looked at the men helping him. His business had been good and he gotten a good reputation as blacksmith. Specially skilled in making wheels. Even with his simple farm smithy and tools he was known to get the iron wheels perfectly round. Now he could expand and build a larger forge with better tools. With all the good fishing and the stone masonry in the area requiring forged tools to operate, he saw a bright future.

Photo by Ulle Haddock©

The top corner stone was put into place and his friends helping him took a step back. Wiping the sweat from their foreheads while the beer bottle was passed around. There across the field he saw his young wife and the maid approaching with dinner. Yes, they could afford a maid he thought to himself with a pleased smile. His three friends grunted happily when they saw the food coming. He went to meet his lovely wife to relive her of the burden. Her belly pointing straight up. Not long before their first child would arrive.

After the stone walls were done they started on the wooden roof. The work went fast and before nighfall the red roofing tiles were in place. The furnace he would do himself during the evenings. This skill he had from growing up and working in his fathers brickyard. The area was full of them as the clay was perfect for making bricks and roofing tiles.

He placed the last tile and climbed down from the ladder, just in time for his friend to start playing the accordion. Thier bodies was tired from the hard work, but full of joy and satisfaction over what they had acomplished. Now this joy bursted out in singing and dancing, fuled by some beer and liquer. Soon the neigbours joined the party and the dancing became more civilized. He held his wife around her waist as they walked back to their small house. Halfway he stopped and turned around to look at his new workshop. The youngsters still dancing and singing outside. He kissed his wife on the cheek and said, this will make life good for us.

This story is fictional, inspired by the collapsed building in the pictures. I like to think up stories of the things I find in my naturewalks. Check out more of my stories here. Hope you like, comment and subscribe. Ha de Gött!

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  1. Great story that fits the pictures perfectly.

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