Thank You

2020. I think many of us can agree that this was a shitty year. For me Corona was “only” a good beer from Mexico before. Covid-19 is accurate name of this little bastard turning our lifes upside down. This has not been the biggest thing impacting my life.

My youngest son died in August only twenty years old. His death was not entirely unexpected suffering for many years with mental ilness. At the age of eighteen he was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome. A type of autism. He was also on the wait list to see if he also suffered a Bipolar disorder. I will not go in to deep here as I don’t have the strenght yet.

My son fishing.

I have always taken lots of pictures, mainly with my mobilephone. I also like to tell stories. I used to read to my two sons in the evenings. When we didn’t have anything to read I just made up the stories with their input. A book is lingering in my messy brain waiting to be written so to practise my writing my son suggested me to start a blog. Here I could also share some of my pictures.

This has been a lifeline after my sons passing. With this post I’d like to thank everybody that follows my blog, clicks the like button, signing up to subscribe and comments. You have really helped me stay sane during this fall. THANK YOU!

I know greif will never pass and the pain will always be there but you learn to live with it. I hope 2021 will be a great year for all of us and that Corona will just be a beer again. So cheers and Gott Nytt År!

This is one of my favourite pictures 2020. The colors and the mysterious light. Taken with my mobile phone.

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  1. It was a bit of a shock when I read your story. Some things you only learn after a while … May I still wish you much strength.
    It was of course very nice to be able to follow your blog in 2020 and hope to continue doing this in 2021.
    Finally, I wish you a pleasant New Year’s Eve and hope that 2021 offers better prospects.

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  2. May 2021 be a happier year to your and yours! God’s Blessing

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  3. I’m sorry for your loss, Ulle: I hope this year brings you blessings; your posts will always be a joy to me — and those mushrooms, wow!!

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  4. It has been very interesting following your blog. Many beautiful photos and your thoughts about them. Please go on this year which hopefully will be a better year. /Matta

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