He was climbing the corporate ladder. Working hard but only felt sadder. Didn’t care who he hurt. Every step was more worth. Office politics became his trade. He put up a perfect facade. Fast cars and a country house. Got it all, worked like a mouse. Everyone came for Friday beer. Not for love but for fear. Family and friends he neglect. To make the boss him select. Finally got his crown. Took to his chest and fell down.

Was his life a prank? All went to the bank. He made a blunder. Now he is six feet under.

Inspired by the TV-series Suits that we have been watching lately. The series is about a guy, Mike Ross, who by accident starts to work as a lawyer. Problem is that he never attended law school. One theme throughout the series is how the lawyers are more occupied by winning than justice. Also that all new employees are expected to spend long hours at the office.

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  1. a nifty little dark tale: well told, Ulle 🙂

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