Five five

Yesterday I turned 55. Can’t turn the numbers around to sound younger anymore. Next time I can do that in five years when I turn six!? That would be fun to start acting like a six year old.

Some say, old people most, that age is just a number. In a way I can relate to that as I still wonder when I will grow up. But the hard reality is that, even if thew mind is young, the body starts to degrade. Even if you exercise much. Spend time climbing and walking in nature. You can feel how it gets harder to climb that hill or make that jump over a gorge.

Also your mind slows down and it is harder to learn new things. Like what emojis to use without offending anyone, or even find them. In most cases one can compensate with experience but in a faster and faster changing world it is getting harder. The brain needs practice to stay healthy, same as muscles so I always challenge myself to learn new things. In fact my motto is; “If you didn’t learn anything today, it was a wasted day” (sounds better in Swedish). I have not yet lived a day without learning something new.

Another annoying thing of getting older is hair. It leaves your head only to start growing in other awkward places. Your nose, ears, eyebrows and, I think I stop there. It is like the Elvis recording from Las Vegas when he’s laughing through “Are you lonesome tonight” where he sings. “When you gaze at your bald head and wish you had hair”. At least you save some money on shampoo that you can spend on nose clippers.

Another positive thing with age is that it’s okay to be grumpy and complain over modern music. You can sit there feeding the doves and complain over the young people walking by staring down their mobiles. Letting your flatulence go on the bus is more okay the older you get and since your nose is covered with thick hair you won’t smell it yourself.

Live long and prosper. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment, I put my glasses on to read them. Ha de Gött!


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  1. Happy birthday Ulle 😉

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  2. In the spirit of adding to your daily knowledge:
    Old people fart on the bus because they can’t hear themselves!
    Happy Birthday🙂

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  3. happy 55 Ulle; it couldn’t happen to a nicer person 🙂 ride with the bumps, it’s still an exciting journey and the mind speeds up — but you don’t know how long it;s going to last 🙂 love the illustration !

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