A Good Friday Walk

At the start it was an overcast day. I took the picture just as the bright spring sun started to shine through the clouds.

My parents-in-law has a long standing tradition of the Easter walk. Usually takes place on the Good Friday. Family and friends gather for a walk somewhere in the area to be guided by the older generation in the local history. There is no formal invitation or Facebook group. Where and when is just spread in the old fashioned way, by word of mouth. Some years 20 turn up and some years over 50.

It is a good way to socialize over generations. At the very least three generations are present but some years even five. Also the history of the area and the common people that lived here is preserved for future generations. This year we went to the natural preserve Tjurpannan, that I have blogged of before. The natural preserve was chosen this year to make sure social distance could be kept during the walk.


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  1. What a great initiative. The landscape looks very special over there.

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  2. The lack of socialising has a big effect on mental health, so, great that you were able to continue the tradition.

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