Plastic pollution

A few days ago I wrote about our annual Easter historical walk to the natural preserve, Tjurpannan. I took some nice pictures that i plan to share with you. But as I went through them I saw these pictures that I also took. So what’s wrong with this picture?

Is it the Homo Sapiens in a nutshell? Intelligent enough to invent a fantastic material as plastic. Dumb enough to just dump it in the oceans hoping it will disappear. It doesn’t look very nice and animals can get stuck or swallow it with tremendous suffering before death.

But the biggest problem is when the plastic parts are grind down to small parts, called micro plastic. Fish and animals eat it and it travels up the food chain. They get troubles breeding and can even starve to death when their intestines are damaged. Who is usually in the top of the food chain?

So please don’t leave that plastic on the ground. Pick it up! Ha de Gött!


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  1. a very worthy post, Ulle; I think/hope we are becoming more aware now and the problem will decrease; meanwhile posts like yours with evidentiary photos keep it in the public eye —

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  2. Good post Ulle! I hate the way that some people treat this beautiful planet as though it is a giant dustbin.

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  3. Increadible how repectless some people behave….

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  4. Let’s avoid this plastic pollution, especially from our seas. Thank you 😊

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