Dandelion (taraxacum). This bright yellow flower has a bad name for some. With its extremely successful survival strategy it’s considered a weed. Many gardeners have cursed it with aching backs and hurting knees. With the thick leafs it can suffocate surrounding plants and completely take over the garden. In Swedish it is called “maskros” and that translates, with my usual creativity to “worm rose”.

Some love this flower. Children love to see how the seeds fly away like paratroopers in the warm summer wind. The grassing animals eat it with pleasure, I think. With its long roots it has a good resilience to dry weather. Bees also like it and many think that the honey tastes better. Again a reason for the gardeners to dislike it. Once the bees got the taste set on the dandelion they don’t do their job pollinating the fruit trees. Ha de Gött!


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  1. This year the flowers are more beautiful than ever! And my bees like them!

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  2. what beautiful photos; Wordsworth should have written his famous ode to dandelions not daffodils 🙂

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  3. We are embracing the dandelions in our yard this year! We are even harvesting some of the leaves for salads!

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  4. Hi Ulle: in case you’re wondering the St. Peter piece is scheduled for tomorrow; ‘Peepholes’ got priority 🙂

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  5. We can also eat the leaves, mixed with our usual salad. It gives a little bitter taste to it but I like it.

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