Whiskey, beer and gin
that can't really be a sin
sink down some pints of ale
mouth becomes full of tale
even Jesus had some wine
true, several tellers intertwine
all needs to taken with moderation
else drive the toilet seat, no hesitation
credit card in the bar sail astray
more stories to tell at the hallway
last night to this was tempted
now, gut wrong way needs to be emptied
in a bucket full of sorrow
wish there be no tomorrow

Please drink responsibly, ha de Gött!


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  1. wonderful, Ulle; I love the Rabelaisian sense of humor– you’ve gone all the way with this one !!

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  2. Ulle: I just put up that post about St.Peter; I was going to put ‘for Ulle’ after the title but I thought that might embarrass you —

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