Yesterday it was two years since we had the burial ceremony for my son. My sons piano teacher Christer, who is also a church musician, posted a video of my son Edvin when plays Claire de lune by Claude Debussy at age 15. So many times I’ve heard him practice this on the piano but he never allowed me to record it. Even if it was hard to see his fingers move across the keys these gems he left for us in his music somehow makes it easier to cope.


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  1. Beautiful, Ulle. I tried to learn this piece. But I couldn’t get that part at about 3 minutes. Your son made it look effortless and it’s one of my favourite parts of the piece. I am so glad you find a little consolation in his music.

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  2. beautiful piece of music beautifully played; my thoughts go out to you Ulle at this time —

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